Do the Liberal Democrats REALLY care?

Lib Dem TweetEarlier, I received a tweet from the official Lib Dem Twitter account. It was as a result of my tweeting “In the last few days, I’ve been disappointed with Labour, the Conservatives and UKIP as British Political Parties. Just waiting for Lib Dems”.

Lib Dem HQ wrote … “ What can we do to improve your opinion of politics? Do you have any questions about the European Elections?”

I responded about Europe, but also included … “Nick Clegg say’s he cares. But, does he/you really know how much he hurt people in 2010. Does he know, people won’t forget next yr?”

And … “I fully understand why British folk don’t get out of bed to vote, you only have to listen to the young. None interested in politics”

Finishing with … “Who has done this & destroyed one of a democratic nation’s fundamental rights? The parties at Westminster; Scotland, Wales, NI

Then I thought to myself, do the Liberal Democrats REALLY care?