BRAND ‘United Kingdom’ …

Brand UKI’ve been fortunate to visit some thirty countries on this earth and it doesn’t matter where I’ve been, the Union Flag or “Jack” is a brand all of its own. I’ve seen people wearing T-shirts, jumpers and glasses, with mobile phone covers, bags, pillows and whole shop displays with the flag – some I’d guess, not even knowing it is of the UK!?

SCOTLAND is at a cross-road at the moment, and in September decides if it wants to stay with the Rest of the United Kingdom. I’m no Tory (many Scots voting YES, just to get rid of the Conservatives in London), but I’m of the firm belief that in these testing times the UK is Better Together.

Scotland’s referendum I fully understand is important, but it’s not as if it will be voting for ‘independence’ to free itself from British Colonial rule like many countries have in the past – this, I understand. Scotland is a part of ‘that’ Britain and has been in a relationship with England for some 300 years, so any divorce will be messy.

As a Brit, I will be glad when the vote is over so that we can get on with building a Better Britain, as oppose to it being on hold whilst we wait to see what the UK will look like after September.

Either way, it’ll be different.

If the Scottish people go, the English, Welsh and Northern Irish I doubt will make it easy for them.

If the Scots stay, a new affair between the four constituent countries of the UK will have to begin.

Maybe, the damage to these isles is already done?

That said, long after the independence vote the BRAND UK will ‘Carry On regardless’.

Too much has been put into it, for it to be so easily discarded.

You only have to see the influence it has around the world, and I’m not talking politics.

Take care, Max.