WHY Britain ‘needs’ Immigrants …

British ImmigrationThis morning, I was having my breakfast when over from me sat seven Brits in their early to mid twenties. They were doing what those in their twenties do, chat and eat (a lot), well, I did.

A short time later, I watched as one-by-one they got up and left their many plates, cups and wrappers from the large amount of food and drink they had consumed. Not one of them clearly thought about tidying up their mess, in a canteen which is ‘tidy after yourself’.

So what, you might say?

Well, the person who came to clean up the mess was an immigrant (who, I know to be) followed by another one. As I watched them clean the table and chairs like their lives depended on it, I thought if they hadn’t who would have?

After clearing up my plate and cup, I then took a stroll to a local coffee shop to do some writing.

As I did, a car pulled up in front of me with a woman at the wheel. As she was about to set off on the main road, I watched as she wound down the window to her car and ‘threw out’ her cigarette bud on to the floor before winding the window back up – again, without batting an eye lid.

I have no doubt that the person who comes along to clean up her rubbish from the local council, will be an immigrant on a basic/low wage. This I’m sure of, from past knowledge.

I am British born and bred, so know as much as the next man and woman how my country rolls. I equally know that many Brits whether in their twenties or indeed their thirties wouldn’t get out of bed to do a lot of the work immigrants do, in making Britain a better place to live.

When I hear talk of immigrants coming over to Britain to steal “our jobs” it makes me angry because if they don’t, who else will do these? Not those twenty somethings I saw this morning, or the woman in the car!

I doubt very much it crosses the minds of those who seek a better life in the UK from their own country of birth that they will be pulling a ‘fast one’ over the eyes of every English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish person, by making a quick pound through cleaning dishes and picking up litter!?

As I wrote in a published piece in 2011 for OBV, immigration is not only good for Britain but crucial to the economy. If we are going to have a debate on UK Immigration, then let’s have a real one. When the Prime Minister claims the country has seriously been damaged by an influx of migrants, I again ask Mr Cameron who else is going to do the dirty work?

Without migrants, the National Health Service would collapse tomorrow.

The immigrant has become the scapegoat so that we feel better about ourselves, whilst sipping tea in our glass houses.

That’s my view, anyway.

Take care, Max.

As pointed out by an immigrant after I published this blog, immigrants are not only to serve the dirty work but are capable of more than that – hear, hear.