Unnecessary Criticism of the Met Police

New Scotland Yard

There is a view inside Scotland Yard that, it is often unnecessarily criticised by the three P’s … Press, Public & Politicians.

Especially when, it is Britain’s Biggest Police Force with both London and UK-wide responsibilities.

Is the criticism fair?

Yes, of course it is.

I have never known such a large organisation as out of control, as the Met Police is. It is beyond comparable.

It is scrutinised rightly because it commits so many unlawful acts, which, are rightly brought to the public’s attention by the press and politicians.

I’m yet to find another British institution with so much racism, homophobia and corruption.

Clearly, there are good cops out there. But, there are many bad too.

If the police cannot abide by the law and set the standards, how can they expect the public to?

This isn’t about sour grapes in my case, but, about the amount of breaches of the law that are regularly reported.

What is going on that we are not aware of?

In my case though, which has gone on some 5 (five) years now, the timeline is incredible. Even from, an outside perspective.

Who is actually running and in-charge of such an important institution, at the heart of the country?

It was only speaking on a radio breakfast show Friday gone, that the following really struck me.

  • I transferred as a Detective from Manchester to London, in 2008.
  • In 2009 after experiencing the negative affects of Met racism and homophobia, I was diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • In 2010 the Met leaked my private data to The Sun newspaper, in an attempt to discredit me. Two (2) lots of money exchanged hands, for my personal information.
  • I challenged the racism, homophobia and corruption in 2011, whilst unwell. During the 6 (six) week trial, the Commissioner wheeled-out no less than 33 (thirty-three) witnesses to speak against me. I was the 1 (one) cop, giving evidence for me.
  • In 2012 after the Employment Court ruled the Commissioner had committed over 40 (forty) unlawful acts of discrimination against me and leaked my private data to The Sun, Scotland Yard disagreed with this and appealed the judgment.
  • I was then dismissed, for bringing the Police Service into Disrepute and Undermining Public Confidence.
  • In 2013 after an Employment Appeal Court hearing presided over by a High Court Judge, the first court’s ruling that the Commissioner had violated my rights as a gay and black man and leaked my information to the national tabloid was upheld.
  • In 2014 proceedings commenced to do with the sacking of me as an act of retaliation, having served as an Officer for over a decade. These continue.

What has the MPS learned from this? Not one thing.

In fact, the Commissioner was ‘disappointed’ with the Judges judgments. Although when a judge supports the Met in criminal cases, the Force agrees. Double standards?

How can we have a better Police Force that serves everyone equally, when arrogance and denial by the leadership is allowed to fester?

Only Parliament and Politicians who we as the Public democratically elect, can make sure that the MPS is fit for purpose. Anything else, would be the real scandal.

I have a moral obligation to do my bit, whatever they throw at me.

I can’t bring back what I’ve lost; marriage, career and home, but, I can do my best to make sure it never happens again. I can do this through striving for accountability, challenging the Commissioner legally.

If the Met cannot change itself and/or unwilling to do so, then it’s up to others to do it from the outside.

I, do not want to be policed by a Force which thinks it is above the law.

This, is Scotland Yard’s fundamental mistake. It is not.

We all, should be the change we want to see in the Met.

Take care, Max.