An Elderly Encounter …

Elderly EncounterYesterday, I left my office (the local coffee shop) at 8.30pm and was walking along a busy street in London Town.

As I got to the junction, an elderly lady approached me and asked if I knew the area. I did, and told her so. Of note: I’m ALWAYS being asked by elderly women for help, maybe, because I have a stupid face!?

Anyway, after giving her directions, I decided to actually take her to where she need to get to. As we walked and talked, she shouted and stopped with excitement. Just in front of us to the left of her, was sitting nicely on the pavement a beaming red £50 Great British Bank Note.

I was excited for her, as she was for herself.

I told her that luck comes in threes, and I was hoping the third one was not far off.

As I left her at her location, I felt somewhat giddy. That, an elderly lady had just found some money that clearly couldn’t be claimed and was now all hers to spend on herself as she wished. It made me feel good.

I did think though, if she’d never approached me … I’d have walked that way myself, and be fifty quid up.

I joke 😮

Take care and look out for the older generation, we’ll be them one day – Max.