Third Employment Trial against Met Police

Fight for JusticeThe courts have now confirmed that my third Employment Trial against the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, will take place in Central London commencing 20 January.

As a gay and black man who was caused depression as a result of racial, sexual orientation and disability discrimination, I know the odds are against me. However, if justice is not done, I hope to be able to show to the British Public where the failings in the Justice System are.

I gave my all to my country, and as a Brit born and bred in North England have put all my hope and faith in the UK democratic system that “should” be there to protect those like me, who challenge wrongdoing in the workplace to do with homophobia, racism and/or disability discrimination.

No one should be abused, for who and what they are. It’s simple.

I was a good Police Officer, who served with loyalty and dedication. Yet, when I challenged discrimination in the workplace, the Police Commissioner fired me for it. An act of retaliation.

Whatever happens during and/or after the trial, the truth will come out, one way or another. That, I can guarantee.

The Commissioner may not answer to the courts, but those who are interested can read about my experiences in my book Broken, and can “then” make up their own mind about what really went on – warts and all.

I don’t profess to walk on water, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. My mother taught me this.

With my experiences of racism, homophobia and disability discrimination within Scotland Yard as a Police Detective, the Commissioner was wrong. No one, is above the law.

If the British Judicial System doesn’t work for people like me, what HOPE is there? I intend for it to work, so that others are protected and do not suffer unnecessarily because of their race, sexual orientation and/or disability.

It is hard to believe that I was diagnosed with severe reactive depression in July 2009 as a result of my experiences of racism and homophobia within the Met Police, and it is now 2014. For 5 years, the Commissioner has fought me. A disgrace and a waste of public money, to say the least.

See you on the dark side.

ALWAYS “Fight for Equality”.

Take care.