Why are celebrities lives worth more?

Celebrities LivesLast week, no doubt like many millions around the world, I heard of the awful death of Paul Walker.

I tweeted, blogged and posted on Facebook about the handsome talented actor. I wasn’t a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, but knew him from his other work.

A friend then asked why are we only mourning the death of one person in the fatal crash, when two were in the vehicle. How true, I thought.

How many people actually know the driver’s name, who also perished?

Not a lot I guess, and even I don’t as I write this post. Shame on me.

This week in the UK, the British Olympian Tom Daley ‘came out’ – as what I’m unsure, but that doesn’t matter.

I commented within the social media I author that, on the same day of his coming out, the Police in Cheshire, England were asking for help in trying to solve the murder of a gay granddad – his sexuality, a clue in the investigation.

Where was this reported, no where. Well, apart from a small news outlet.

My comments on Tom’s coming out day, weren’t about him or even aimed at him. What he has done, is a great thing.

My beef I guess, which my friend alluded to, and which it took Tom’s coming out for me to realise – is that, the media and those who subscribe to it place more value on the lives of those who are celebrities than those who are not.

Morally, it’s wrong. But, I am not naïve as to the reason.

Who wants to hear about Joe Bloggs’ death, but rather when Celebrity A has a new perm and/or has been arrested for drink driving?

In the past few days alone, Pink News has gone Tom Daley crazy which can actually become a detriment with too much exposure. Tom is still allowed a private life, even from the gay press.

I think the young diver is going to be a great role model for others in his situation, but being a gay man doesn’t mean I have to celebrate the coming out like some gay men are expecting me and others to do – just because, I’m gay.

It’s important to remember, Tom has not even come out as gay, just that he is in a relationship with a man.

He hasn’t labelled himself, which is for him and him only.

And, let’s not forget … he too is a teenager.

Take care.