Publishing ‘Broken’, my first memoir

Broken - Alternative CoverA few people have asked me of late, when will I be publishing my first memoir titled Broken – about, My Fight for Justice against Scotland Yard.

I think it would be unfair of me, to publish a book whilst litigation against the Metropolitan Police continues. Although, in new circumstances.

Only after the ongoing action has concluded, would it be appropriate to do so.

Naturally, at the time of writing about my experiences of racism and homophobia within Britain’s biggest Police Force, I did not know the Commissioner would appeal the first Tribunal and then dismiss me for Gross Misconduct.

Only after the conclusion of everything and a resolution has been achieved with regards to my disputes, should my first memoir be published. In the meantime, I am drafting my second book about my experiences since being Broken.

I am not naïve that, once litigation is over, Scotland Yard will seek to prevent the book from being published.

Something, I have no doubt it will not succeed in – given, the very public nature of my challenges through the courts.