The Jury’s out on Matthew …

Matthew Jury, Managing Partner of McCue & Partners LLP

Matthew Jury, Managing Partner of McCue & Partners LLP

Recently, I provided a testimony for one of my legal team as ‘Lawyer of the Year’. I have now found out that he is nominated in two categories of the Law Society’s 2013 Awards.

It was only last year that I first came into contact with Matthew Jury – Managing Partner of McCue & Partners LLP – through a friend, after I had ended my relationship with my previous law firm and the Police Federation of England and Wales in My Fight for Justice against the Metropolitan Police Service.

Since 2010, I have been involved in serious litigation against London’s biggest employer with regards to racial and sexual orientation discrimination and the leaking of my private data by Scotland Yard.

It was after early in 2012 when an Employment Tribunal ruled that the Metropolitan Police had acted racist and homophobic towards me and leaked my personal and sensitive information to News Corp whilst I was serving as a Counter Terrorism Detective, that I went about searching for a highly respected and tough law firm who could help me challenge the police at the highest levels without fear or favour.

McCue is internationally recognised as experts on human rights, among other things.

Matthew like the rest of my legal team at McCue Law, is someone who is not afraid to take on the biggest of boys – he has a track record. His advice on litigation and reputation management (defamation, libel and slander), privacy and confidentiality issues have been second-to-none.

McCue’s pursuit of terrorists and rogue regimes through the civil and criminal courts highlights what really matters to Matthew, justice for all regardless and the ‘rule of law’.

With Matthew’s leadership on my multi-faceted case (which includes discrimination and breaches of confidence), it was only this year that McCue were successful in getting the Employment Appeal Tribunal to dismiss the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police’s attempt to get the first ruling overturned.

The High Court Judge sitting at the appeal court upheld the verdict that the Commissioner had discriminated against me on the grounds of my race and sexuality, and leaked my data in an attempt to discredit me. Without Matthew, this achievement might not have been possible.

The Metropolitan Police has stated that the case against the Police Commissioner by me is of huge public importance. Whatever the significance, Matthew continues to fight this battle hard.

As someone who has been a public servant for more than a decade, I am of the firm belief that the British Judicial System has to work for people like me – the little guy.

If it doesn’t, one cannot have hope.

Matthew and his colleagues have managed to restore the notion that ‘there is such a thing as justice’ in me, as we continue together to litigate against those whom we believe have broken the law just because I am black and gay.

Matthew is a lawyer who holds people and organisations despite the power they might posses to account, so that the adversity they have caused does not happen to anybody else or go unpunished.

With the many areas of litigation Matthew and his team are involved in about my dispute with the Police Commissioner, I couldn’t think of another person besides Matthew who is deserving of Lawyer of the Year.

His record, speaks for itself.

Only recently, Matthew assisted me with his profound legal knowledge in my evidence to the UK Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee’s inquiry into ‘Leadership and Standards in the Police’ which has since been accepted and now published by the House of Commons.

Having had various lawyers during my long and drawn-out fight for justice against institutions much bigger than me, other lawyers could learn a lot from Matthew – his style, and people skills.

He is a shining example of what lawyers are meant to do, to represent their clients best interests and not those of their own or others. It is for this reason, I trust him in achieving real justice for me.