The REAL Hostel Nightmare …

KM HostelFor some time now, I have tried to keep private as best I can to avoid further humiliation that I have been living in a hostel since the beginning of the year as a result of My Fight for Justice against the Metropolitan Police. I knew though that, it was eventually going to come out.

I don’t think anyone deliberately tries to embarrass themselves, or puts themselves in one of these places?

It was The Independent newspaper journalist Paul Peachey in his article about me who first disclosed in the media where I was living, with my consent of course.

ITV Daybreak the other day asked me the same question, to which I gave the same answer.

Having to leave my home because Scotland Yard terminated my salary of 11-years, never left me with many options. Don’t worry, there’s no ‘poor me’ coming. Just, a dose of reality.

Obviously, those close to me have offered a place to sleep – but, my becoming homeless is not because of them or their problem. At some point, you out-stay you’re welcome.

The Met has to understand the result of its actions against people like me, who do the right thing and challenge discrimination within the Force. Not that I would wish it upon them, but I don’t see those whom the employment courts ruled broke the law against me losing their homes or livelihood?

In fact, the main perpetrators have been promoted since.

It’s well-known that the Met tried destroy me, to prevent me from speaking out about wrongdoing in the workplace. Some may say, you reap what you sow. If you play with fire, you get burned. I’m not naïve, but that still doesn’t make it right.

The Met has taken everything off me, but cheesy as it may sound, not my self-respect. This, I am thankful for.

I often think, what would my mother say if she was around. In some ways, I am glad she is not. What mother (or indeed father), would want to see their child suffer at the hands of bullies?

I know I’m a grown man and have to stand on my own two feet, which I think I’ve done, but it doesn’t stop me thinking about the woman who gave me this life and her thoughts.

I’ve never wanted to burden others with my problems, because as I said they are mine not theirs. I guess, that is why I’ve never wanted to abuse others goodwill.

Living in a hostel is not ideal, but greater men and women before me have sacrificed far more in the pursuit of justice and equality. If anything, my living in a space 6 feet by 3 feet will make sure I am always appreciative of those who are less fortunate than myself.

I strive to write in a way which is not manipulative (as Scotland Yard recently said I was), but to be open about the things you may lose if you challenge big institutions and the lengths they may go to take everything you know off you.

If I had my time again though, I would make the same decisions I have made to date.

The reason for this is because, the Met has only come after me so hard because I have told the truth of what goes on inside the organisation. The fact that they continue even after two judges have ruled their behaviour to be unlawful towards me, makes my reasoning more.

At what point does the Commissioner say ‘enough is enough’?

At what point is he hoping I give up?

At what point does he think hasn’t this guy lost enough?

At what point will he feel shame for all that has happened?

At what point will a higher authority stop him and this?