Nothing lasts forever…

Me & A DaybreakAppearing on ITV Daybreak on Monday gone, has made me face up to three particular things this past week.

1. Admitting to myself that, my living arrangements are not the best – The REAL Hostel Nightmare.

2. Admitting publicly on television that I was sacked as a Police Officer with humiliation, which anyone would think I’d done something seriously wrong.

All I did was raise and then challenge discrimination, in a court of law.

3. And finally, admitting that it is time to accept and move on from the 5-year relationship I once had. It’s sad to think that soon, I’ll be a divorcée. *Still waiting for the lightning to strike!

I have always appreciated and cherished those close to me. But, challenging the Metropolitan Police took its toll. I still believe though, it was the right thing to do. And still is, as the fight is not over – yet.

No one knows whether under a different set of circumstances if a relationship would have survived, but I have no doubt that the constant War of Attrition from Scotland Yard didn’t help at all if not the direct cause.

At some point though, you have to stop crying over spilt milk.

You’ve just got to face up to things, and move on. Being a realist, doesn’t make it any easier.

Maybe, just maybe, one day I might be happy again.

I do say to all those who have a loved one and find themselves in a similar negative situation, make sure you follow your gut so that any decision you take is not one of regret.

Fighting for something you believe in, is not necessarily the same thing your partner may want.

Making choices are never an easy task, but something we often have to do.

Make sure you let your partner know that even though you might be doing something that they are sick and tired of, that you still love them and it is something you have to do for your own peace of mind.

They can then make their choice, whether you have a future together taking everything into account.

For me personally, time will tell whether continuing my pursuit of justice was worth it – even if, I think yes now.

I know of others who had and would have given up a long time ago, that’s just not in me. I don’t know why.

The Met Police started this, so it’s up to me to finish it correctly and within the law. So that, I can walk away with my head held high.

I have no intention of speaking about my personal relationships in a public forum, as they are a private matter for me and the other person(s) involved. What I can say though is that today, is the start of my réhabilitation.

This has been a… be happy, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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