Fighting for justice, not an easy one

Kevin Maxwell Hackney GazetteToday, both the Hackney Gazette and Islington Gazette feature me in their ‘Who’s Who’ page because of My Fight for Justice. After reading Syma Mohammed’s piece about me, I felt a lump in my throat.

It’s strange, it’s like I am reading a not-so happy tale of someone else’s life.

But, it’s mine.

I know many won’t understand as to why I am resolute on pursuing this thing called ‘justice’, but I’d hope people would respect me for it. It’s been a tough battle fighting the Metropolitan Police Service over the past 4 years or so, with regards to racism and homophobia within the Force.

Now, I am challenging the Police Commissioner with regards to my sacking and establishing the identity of the person within Scotland Yard who leaked my private data to The Sun newspaper – the tabloid paying out two lots of money for it.

People may think I’m too passionate about social justice and/or equality, but I have to do the right thing not only by me but others too. I hope what I have experienced doesn’t happen to anybody else, and that my nieces and nephews grown up in a Britain that is much more tolerant and acceptable of others differences.

I think it would be safe to say that, those in the Police Service who know me would have expected me to be the last person to be dismissed for Gross Misconduct by the Met.

I’ve often said I can’t walk on water yet, but I didn’t join the police to either get in to trouble or cause it. It’s not how I roll. I was paid to help others, which I always did to the best of my ability.

Equally, if you knew your employer had given your private and sensitive data to the UK’s biggest newspaper with the sole intention of discrediting and smearing you for money to stop your complaints of discrimination – I think you too would want to get to the bottom of it, and establish who that person was.

It may take me years to get to the truth, but I’m determined to get there one way or another.

I often write … no one is above the law, and this includes Scotland Yard. But, it’s true.

Policing in this country, is still by consent. Consent, of the British People.

The Met don’t want to investigate something (the leaking) which two employment courts have ruled upon, because they know like me where the trail is likely to end.

If I’m wrong, why has there been no investigation since 2010?

Why has the non-Met person been identified?

It doesn’t need a Detective to work this out.

It is through possessing those investigative and intelligence skills I gathered as a detective within both the Greater Manchester Police and the Metropolitan Police that, I have more of a chance than the average (non-police background) person getting to the bottom of this.

It’s only a matter of time that, the truth will come out. This, I’m sure of.