Raising Awareness at Daybreak …

ITV DaybreakITV have confirmed I will be on ‘Daybreak’ tomorrow morning at 6.50am with Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Committee to talk about ‘Leadership and Standards in the Police’.

My being invited on to the breakfast programme to coincide with the publication tomorrow 1 July 2013 of the select committee’s report into leadership and standards in the police, gives me an opportunity to raise real awareness of what is actually taking place within Britain’s Police Service – without spin, fear or favour.

I am thankful to Parliament for inviting me to give evidence, and for taking my experiences within the Metropolitan Police Service seriously. I have a democratic right, to be heard.

I don’t think anyone would challenge Scotland Yard, one of the UK’s most powerful institutions lightly, if he/she didn’t think they were … doing the right thing.

It’s too late for me, so only by speaking out now can I help to make sure that what took place in my case doesn’t happen to anybody else – regardless, of who and what they are.

Discrimination ruins lives, literally.

It is the public through electing Members of Parliament to the House of Commons, whom should ultimately decide what is good and bad about policing in this country in the 21st Century.

In Britain, we still police by consent. Something which, the leaders need reminding of.

I am offering an alternative ‘View from the Bottom’ to that of the Police Chiefs, so that the British People can form their own opinions and make up their mind on how the service can move forward and be the best it can – serving all communities.

I’m a strong believer that, we need to get our own house in order (UK Policing) before we start lecturing others to do the same.


Kevin Maxwell.