Investigating my data leak… from within!?

Photographer: Mica Theiner

Photographer: Mica Theiner, The Independent

The UK Parliament Home Affairs Committee has now published the written evidence of participants, into its Leadership and Standards in the Police Inquiry.

My evidence to the House of Commons is the last submitted, starting at Page 218.

I was somewhat surprised having read others including that of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to read the following from my former most senior direct line manager for Special Ops.

Her evidence is at Page 199.

Staffing and leadership arrangements – for Operations Elveden, Weeting and Tuleta… hacking by the press and leaking by public officials:

“Each operation has a detective superintendent in the role of senior investigating officer. A detective chief superintendent oversees the three investigations and reports to Commander Neil Basu.”

“Neil was recently appointed to the role, with the departure of DAC Kavanagh to become Chief Constable of Essex. I continue to be the Management Board Lead so Commander Basu reports to me, as did DAC Kavanagh and DAC Akers. Neil is in the process of meeting with the senior investigating officers for each of the operations, and will, as his predecessors did, keep me regularly updated.”

Cressida Dick – Assistant Commissioner Metropolitan Police Service May 2013.

So, the directorate who leaked about me to The Sun newspaper is the directorate who would be investigating this. I say ‘would’ as, despite two judges ruling that my private and sensitive information was leaked to News Corp by the Met to try to discredit me – the MPS refuse to investigate this further, even though money exchanged hands.

I was a Police Detective who served in the service for over a decade, so not naïve enough to not know the reason WHY they don’t want to get to the truth about WHO in Scotland Yard leaked about me and received ‘two’ lots of money for it.

The Met has to try to bury my case, as they are pursuing those who have hacked and leaked about the public – families of those murdered – therefore, it would be highly ironic and perverse besides criminal that it has to pursue ‘itself’ for leaking about one of its own.

No ones likes scoring an own goal. Not an embarrassing one anyway.

Who was it within the MPS that broke the law and potentially faces imprisonment?

How far up the chain of command does it go?

The Commissioner knows ‘the writings on the wall’, about how this is going to end.

The person/s are not above the law, no one is. This includes Police Officers.

One way or another, I am going to get to the bottom.

This, he can’t get away from – however hard, he may try. The truth always comes out.

It’s the natural justice of things.

Someone somewhere in the Met knows that soon they are going to get a knock at their door.

It’s not a case of if, but a case of when.