Mr Cameron, immigration damages Britain

London OlympicsIn 2001, I wrote an article for Operation Black Vote (The Home of Black Politics) about Immigration: good for multicultural Britain.

This was following a speech by the Prime Minister David Cameron, claiming that the country has seriously been damaged by an influx of migrants, many who are from ethnic minority communities.

This speech, together with my own experiences of racial discrimination, had got me thinking about the bigger issue of race and identity in Britain.

Anyway, with matters surrounding the Metropolitan Police Service and me of late about racism and homophobia, the article I wrote for OBV came to my mind again today.

I then saw the attached picture of the London 2012 Olympics and thought, wasn’t/isn’t Mr Cameron right!?

This has been a… Immigration: IS good for multicultural Britain, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take Care, Max x.

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