Metropolitan Police Leadership

Policing & Crime


It has always been my view that leadership within Britain’s biggest police force is top down NOT bottom up, especially, when it comes to diversity. This is why, I hold the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson personally responsible for my discriminatory treatment and that of others within the service.

Even now, they refuse to engage with the issues of racism, homophobia and leaking within the MPS I have highlighted and which has gone through Two Tribunals, with Two Judges and Two Judgments.

It is for this reason having been invited that, I am keen to give evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee Leadership and Stan​dards in the Police Inquiry to bring about REAL change and hope for others who are suffering because of their race and/or sexuality.

I once read a quote from Deborah Orr of The Guardian newspaper, which summed up Scotland Yard’s position when it comes to accountability … “Never explain, never apologise”.

How true! How sad?