Britain fought to end fascism…

Britain fought to end fascismPLEASE,  let’s not stop now.

I am ashamed and surprised, at the amount of racism by some on Facebook (and other social media).

As someone who was a counter terrorism detective until last year, I have never/will never condone terrorism.

But equally, I have never/will never condone racism.

HATE breeds hate.

We don’t know the full facts of what has taken place, just what the media is showing/telling us.

Give the police the time to investigate these tragic circumstances, before we speculate.

The killing of any person, soldier or not disgusts me. It makes me question what a world we live in, especially if religion is a factor.

But, by using language such as pakis go home (from a gay man), muslim fucks and pictures of golliwogs, how are we going to move forward as a society?

I’ve just been reassuring a black and Asian male, who fear they may be attacked due to what has taken place today in London.

Fear is not acceptable, that’s what the fight against terrorism is all about as it threatens our democracy.

Rest in Peace to the person, soldier or not, who has died today.


Kevin Maxwell.