A letter from the Police Commissioner…

A letter from the Police CommissionerOn the weekend gone, I received a letter together with a bunch of documents from the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis who is the Data Controller for the Metropolitan Police Service.

I actually find it disgusting as well as upsetting that, despite ‘two’ Employment Tribunals I have been through, the Met Police continues to be so nasty towards me.

The Force really is incapable of learning.

My use of social media (blog, Twitter and Facebook) has been to raise awareness of the REAL problems within Scotland Yard, so that the public get to see what goes on inside this huge institution.

Before the Hacking Scandal broke, I’m thinking most of the public wouldn’t have believed that police officers would take money from the press for providing it with unlawful information – which, we now know takes place with some being sent to prison.

The Commissioner in his correspondence with me this weekend say’s I am… self-centred, manipulative and obsessive.

That’s self-centred, manipulative and obsessive.

A first, I think.

I’d rather be all the three than, a racist, homophobe or somebody who leaks information to the press.

I forgot the last time he was racially abused or suffered homophobic behaviour, because of his race and/or sexuality. Or, when somebody last breached his privacy by leaking his personal data to a national tabloid?

I write this all the time, but I mean it:

My memoir of my experiences will put everything out in the public domain, and let them decide ultimately who is right and who is wrong – beyond the courts – about discrimination within the Police.

I am disgusted that senior officers in the Met are allowed to get away with writing such hurtful, harmful and disparaging remarks, about those they are meant to lead and members of the public of which I am now.

It is for these reasons why I have fire in my belly, to fight the Commissioner until the end until he changes all that is wrong with the Metropolitan Police Service and acknowledges wrong-doing.

The best place for this is the Home Affairs Select Committee, where I am due to give evidence.

Somebody beyond the employment matters has to hold the Commissioner to account for his actions and those of the officers below him, as the behaviour is a disgrace.

And, this is not me being self-centredmanipulative and obsessive.

The Met pursues others, yet, thinks it is above the law when challenged.

It is not. Nobody is.