Lee Jasper has a point… about Stonewall!

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Dr Christian Jessen

Photos by: Piers Allardyce

Love him or hate him, he speaks a lot of sense.

Earlier today, I read an article about Stonewall (a charity which apparently works for equality and justice within the lesbian, gay and bisexual community) Equality Dinner 2013 at The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair, London.

Accompanying was a photograph of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, along with Dr Christian Jessen of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

The first thing that came to my mind was… I and others are fighting real inequality and social injustice within the Met Police with regards to homophobia whilst Stonewall’s Chief Executive Ben Summerskill is having an expensive meal with the man who presides over such acts of discrimination.

What message does it send out, to those LGB officers within Scotland Yard who are suffering?

I guess, that’s politics.

I then saw a Twitter post from Lee Jasper the race relations activist, which read…

“London: Stonewall celebrity dinner raises £394,000. If only we could do likewise and fund ourselves.”

He actually hit the nail on the head, pretty hard, and there was no sour grapes to be seen.

As a Proud gay man who is visibly ethnic, I am more than aware of how some (including gay and black organisations) will try to use the other for political point scoring.

Lee’s tweet doesn’t mention ‘gay’ or ‘black’, but that is what he is referring to.

He doesn’t mention anything derogatory towards gay people, and I recall not so long ago seeing a comment from him on his Facebook public profile which went something like this… ‘he doesn’t stand for homophobia on his social media space’.

However, he is intelligent enough to know that a black organisation equalling Stonewall hadn’t and indeed hasn’t a hope in hell of raising such money along with the media circus.

Having served as an officer for over a decade in the British Police Service, my forthcoming book ‘Broken’ highlights the two minority groups problems the Force faces when it comes to the black community and gay community.

After I became unwell through discrimination within the MPS, officers at the very top of the institution in their Gold Group meetings about me – make clear why it was ‘easier’ for them to go to and rely upon the gay community as oppose to the black community to try to discredit me.

I was fortunate that, The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (of Manchester and the UK) who fights for true equality was sympathetic towards me.

Stonewall Equality Dinner 2013

Scotland Yard knew that, the black community wouldn’t stand for any ‘let’s all smile for the cameras’.

As a gay man, I have often felt letdown by Stonewall and it has never listened to my VOICE – someone, it says it represents and fights for?

This was clear when the organisation said gay people didn’t want full marriage equality which they did, having not listened properly to gay people like me.

I understand that, when it comes to politics Stonewall has a game to play.

But, this shouldn’t be to the detriment of gay people like me who are fighting hard for real equally within the Met to make things better for all.

People like me who have experienced homophobia ‘within’ the Met, now have to work twice as hard to bring about REAL social justice and equality whilst Mr Summerskill has dinner with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Brian Paddick.

Nobody appears to stand for anything anymore, yet alone their integrity.

That’s the problem with society.

This has been a… Let’s Eat, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take Care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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