Books are my bag

Books are my bagWhen you buy a book from a bookshop, you get a possession that you may well value for the rest of your life.

You’ll have enjoyed the pleasure of browsing around a whole host of other books before making your choice.

You’ll know how you feel about the book, by, well, feeling it. Reading bits of it… hopefully not reading the last paragraph to check the ending.

You may well have got advice about it from someone who loves books even more than you do, the bookseller on the other side of the counter.

You will have partaken in a process that is a vital part of our culture, our community and our High Street.

And soon the chances are that you will also get a bag that says “Books are my bag”.

That says “I use bookshops, because I value them.”

“And I want it to stay that way.”

‘Books are my bag’ is a campaign on behalf of the bookshops of this country.