If There’s Any Justice… In The World!

KM Telegraph PictureI’m not Lemar, but this is what I’ve learned about justice…

This time next week, I attend yet another court hearing in My Fight for Justice against discrimination within the Metropolitan Police Service. Something which, the Commissioner denies.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t angry that, I am having to go through everything again because the Met Police appealed the original judgment which ruled I had been discriminated, harassed and victimised on the grounds of my race and sexual orientation whilst serving as a Police Detective.

Maybe, I was naïve to think that challenging Scotland Yard in 2011 during a 6-week Employment Tribunal and the later judgment in 2012 might bring to an end my dispute with the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police so that I could move on with my life. But obviously, it wasn’t meant to be.

Many people over the years have told me… “there’s no such thing as justice”. I disagree because, it is believing in this which has kept me going for so long.

In 2011, I held my own during the six-week trial where I was challenged and questioned by the Met with the Commissioner producing over 30 witnesses against me – the lone police officer, fighting racism and homophobia within the Force. ONLY me saying it existed, with three dozen saying it didn’t.

I had always told myself whatever the result in 2012, I knew the truth about what went on. It was then that the Employment Judge and his independent colleagues made their ruling.

I know nobody likes to lose a battle especially to do with discrimination, and I don’t like or use the words WIN or LOSE. But, I really thought the Commissioner too would respect the judgment and allow me to move on.

I guess, it was a hard pill to swallow.

Denying racism and homophobia won’t make them go away, or help to change an institutionalised organisation such as the MPS for the better.

So, in 2013 I find myself yet again at court fighting to uphold the original judgment which ruled I was discriminated against because I am black and/or gay.

Justice for me has come at a huge price, as I lost everything – literally, my mental health, career, home and husband. But, I haven’t lost my self-respect.

Whatever happens next week – whether I am denied justice or not – I think it is safe to say that the Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe knows by now that, I am not going to stop until there is accountability.

Next week, I will find out if… there’s any justice in the world?

Take care, Max x.

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