Deborah Glass of the IPCC & Me…

Deborah Glass of the IPCCToday, I came across a letter to The Times newspaper dated 12 March from Deborah Glass of the Independent Police Complaints Commission concerning the paper’s coverage of the IPCC’s arrest of a former senior police officer (7 March leader, 12 March ‘Detectives looking at …’).

If nothing else, her letter is disingenuous whilst laughable.

She writes

I cannot of course comment on the facts of the individual case. But can I make clear that the IPCC does not and will not arrest police officers simply for talking to journalists, and we use our powers of arrest only when strictly necessary.

Providing confidential information is not wrong only if money changes hands.

The public rightly expects that confidential information is not leaked and we have dealt with many complaints over the years from individuals about this. It is hugely damaging to public confidence if the police cannot be trusted.

It is a different matter if information is disclosed in the public interest to expose wrongdoing.

Deborah Glass,
Deputy Chair IPCC

The only question I have for her is, why when it comes to black and/or gay members of the public she turns a blind eye?

The Met leaked my personal, private and sensitive work data to The Sun newspaper (a FACT) AND we now know the tabloid PAID OUT 2 x payments (that’s TWO bits of money) for obtaining the illegal information about me and yet ‘everyone’ including Ms Glass has gone quiet on the matter and won’t investigate it further even though she has all the information she needs!

Maybe because, they all know where the trail will lead to and the consequences that will come of it?

That’s why, I fort hard to get the best legal team money can’t buy to get to the TRUTH ‘one way or another’… Meet… Jason McCue

That’s me restoring public confidence, Ms Glass.