Meet… Jason McCue

Jason McCueTowards the end of last year, I wrote about ending the relationship with my lawyers and the Police Federation of England and Wales in My Fight for Justice against the Metropolitan Police Service.

This followed with me then having to represent myself at the Employment Appeal Tribunal in September 2012 (which in itself, was an experience), to challenge the MPS’ appeal of the original Employment Tribunal verdict of March last year which ruled that the Force had acted racist and homophobic towards me – and, leaked my private data to News International.

Before, during and after my appearance at the employment appeal court, I went about searching for a highly respected and tough lawyer who could help me challenge the Met Police without fear or favour.

It was then that a friend put me in contact with Jason McCue, of McCue and Partners LLP in October 2012.

I’d already done my research on Jason before meeting with him, his background as an internationally recognised expert on human rights among other things speaking for itself.

He is a leading international figure regularly called upon to give advice on a broad array of issues, and someone who is not afraid to take on the biggest of boys.

I could go on about his credentials as a leading UK expert on litigation and reputation management (defamation, libel and slander), privacy and confidentiality – but, I won’t.

However, what does strike me about him is his work on human rights issues in Africa, and his pursuit of terrorists and rogue regimes through the civil and criminal courts.

I haven’t had much luck of late for standing up to those who bully and discriminate, but I am thankful and will always be grateful to my friend for putting me in touch with such a highly respected and astute person such as Jason and indeed his colleagues.

Whether or not the British Justice System works for me in its entirety in my challenges against Scotland Yard and News International remains to be seen, as I have done everything within the law.

That said, I know that Jason and his firm are doing and will do all they can to hold those to account so that what I have experienced doesn’t happen to anybody else.

I’m a believer and write it often that, ‘nobody’ is above the law.

I must have faith in the justice system, because if I don’t, what hope is there for me and indeed others like me?

This has been a… change, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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