Tory Pride & Prejudice

With the news today that, the British Prime Minister David Cameron is to defy many of his own party and allow same-sex marriage in England and Wales is something in itself.

Since I started writing this blog and Social Justice and Equality articles in 2010, I’ve not been easy on the Prime Minister which is right in a democracy. He has said and done some things incredibly wrong like his views on Multiculturalism and The Leveson Report, but if he is to go one-step further building on what Tony Blair’s Government started with Civil Partnerships then he has to be congratulated.

I’ve never been a member of a political party and don’t intend to be one, as I find politics a bit like religion. However, I do have an interest in both and their views.

Equally, Labour in the last Government got things wrong, but got many things right. I too have been critical and praising of Ed Milliband since he became Leader of the Labour Party/Official Opposition.

And, then there’s Nick Clegg. I used to think that the Liberal Democrats where my last hope, but that all changed very much after the last UK General Election. To an extent, you know what you’re getting with the Conservatives and Labour – but, putting an ‘X’ against a Lib Dem will be the last thing I do in the future.

I actually feel passionate about their betrayal, but yet to know exactly why it bothers me?

I was thinking earlier about my friends and the networks I am in, and realised that especially since I moved to London from The North my circle of friends is roughly 50/5050% Tories and 50% Labour – political that is.

I have some friends to the left who think being Gay and Tory just doesn’t make sense, but I’m not of the same view. I guess my friends to the right of the political spectrum could give a good argument too, as to why you have to be Gay and Labour.

In fact, one Proud Tory friend not so long ago said to me… “why do you have to be gay and vote Labour?” This was after I said to him, being working class and from Liverpool it was a natural thing – no! Rightly or wrongly, his comment is true. There is nothing set in stone which says, you have to be gay and Labour, left or indeed a liberal – although, it might make sense to most.

My view is that, every successive British Government should be held to account whether red, blue or that yellow/orange colour.

Speak up when they get things wrong, but equally give praise when they get things right. Although Labour has done many great things for minorities in the UK in my lifetime, it doesn’t and shouldn’t have a monopoly on them. That’s when, we get complacent.

Political parties, should fight for my vote.

Anyway, if David Cameron does get home gay people being allowed EQUAL MARRIAGE then he has done a good thing. It’s called politics. It would be naïve of us to think that for him, this isn’t a winner. Supporting The Leveson Report, isn’t.

This has been a… Tory Pride & Prejudice, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Equal Love, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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