The case of Ian Puddick

The case of Ian PuddickRecently on Twitter, I came across the case of Ian Puddick.

Actually, it was a short documentary by Chris Plumley of Channel 4 Dispatches on YouTube investigating corruption within the City of London Police.

It focuses on City Police’s Operation Bohan which was a £1,000,000 counter terrorism operation to arrest Ian Puddick, for creating a website…

Op. Bohan was as a result of Ian a small business owner having been raided by anti-terrorist police for exposing his wife’s affair with one of her bosses, a top city worker who together with the police brought legal action against him including the arrest for tweeting and so forth about the extra-marital relationship.

Note: the City of London Police covers the financial heart of the UK, separate to its neighbouring Metropolitan Police – hence, all the country’s top business firms like the banks are located within London’s Square Mile.

Ian stood trial in 2011 but was acquitted of all the charges against him, namely the harassment of his wife’s ex-lover.

An obvious question, why did 13 or so counter terrorism officers raid the address of a man who challenged a top city worker after having an affair with his wife?

I don’t intend to go into the private life of Ian as reported on this my blog as it is just that to me – private, but what does fascinate me although it doesn’t surprise me is the attempts made to silence him. I understand, Ian and his wife are now back together.

The video I believe, speaks for itself. And obviously, I’m not an outsider to such tactics.

It is an interesting view.

This has been a… not surprised, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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