Barack Power!

There probably isn’t many who failed to notice this week that, Barack Obama succeeded in a second term as President of the United States – POTUS, to you and me.

Clearly (and I know I’m bias), he won because he was and is the best man out of the two for the job – not, because he’s black and/or mixed-race.

However, the fact that he is a person of colour should be equally celebrated. It truly inspires a generation.

I read some discussions this week among my friends on social networks, with them being criticised for mentioning that BOB is black. Well, he is and I doubt there are many who have failed to notice this too!

Yes, let’s celebrate because he is the right man to lead America at this time which makes me sleep a little more comfortably here in Blighty but let’s not belittle his achievement as a black man against all the odds.

The right-wing press of America remind people every day that Barack ‘HUSSEIN’ Obama is a black man, with a certain Apprentice asking for copies of his college records and birth certificate etc. Would a white person be asked the same, in such a public way?

The day after Barack won, I found myself smiling on the London Tube whilst reading about his triumph in a newspaper. Other passengers were smiling at me, because I was smiling at myself. We all knew though, what I was smiling about?

I felt proud on that tube.

I am British born and bred through and through, who has been embedded in everything Britain has had to offer… schools, college, university, cadet forces, police and public service BUT there is a reason I felt and feel proud that a black person won a second term as President of America even though I am not American and he is not my leader.

Because, he looks just like me.

If Barack Obama is inspiring millions of black people around the world, this is a good thing – encouraging ALL people, to achieve their full potential.

Yes, he’s not President because he’s black but it is a part of who he is. When he stops being the President in Four More Years, he’ll still be black.

All people should be PROUD of the fact that, a person of colour holds the most powerful job in the world and has now made history twice. I for one won’t be allowing others to limit my excitement for what he has achieved, even within his own party and his fight for the Democratic Candidacy against Hillary Clinton.

He has had, The Audacity of Hope.

This has been a… Barack Power, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

Published by My Mum. Copyright © Kevin Maxwell Film, Media & Performance 2012.