The Pursuit of Justice

I was thinking earlier that… if there is one thing the findings of the disclosed material and report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel has taught me like that of Doreen Lawrence, is never ever give up on the pursuit of justice.

I wrote not so long ago a blog about the death of Azaria Chamberlain, with her dad Michael Chamberlain saying the following:

  • You can get justice, even when you think that all is lost.
  • But, truth must be on your side.
  • I cannot express strongly enough how important it is to pursue a just cause, even when it seems to be a mission impossible.
  • If you know you are right, never give up on getting it right when the serious issue could affect the life and livelihood of others.

For the families of those lost, injured and left behind as a result of Hillsborough, justice is now on the horizon although 23 years late.

I thought about My Fight for Justice, which is important to me and of course totally different to Hillsborough. However, lives were lost that awful day and mine could have been as a result of an injustice.

I reflected upon what am I really fighting for, then it came to me… after hearing Trevor Hicks, the chair of Hillsborough families support group speaking a few days ago. Mr Hicks lost two daughters at Hillsborough.

I like him and the families am looking for accountability, it’s as simple as that.

There has to be accountability for the discriminatory treatment I endured at work, because the colour of my skin and sexuality.

I like the Hillsborough families am resolute about one thing, that justice in my case has to prevail.

I know there are some out there whom think that the likes of Doreen Lawrence, the Hillsborough families and others I guess including myself should just ‘move on’ and stop pursuing something that doesn’t really exist – justice.

Well, it does actually. You just have to be determined, in the pursuit of it.

I also say to those people, imagine if the shoe was on the other foot!

Imagine if you’re loved one or friend had died at a football match, your son killed because of the colour of his skin or you were treated unfairly at work because of who and what you are?

Those who pursue justice, can sometimes hold others often more powerful than themselves to account – which, surely can only be a good thing for accountability.

As the Hillsborough Independent Panel has revealed, no one is and should be above the law.

It’s something so fundamental to the success of a democratic society such as Britain that, we all have to abide by it whoever we are.

You can view My Fight for Justice campaign page at:

This has been a… thoughtful, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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