Virgin… no more!

In 1998, I first became aware of the Virgin brand when I started working for Virgin Megastore dealing with complaints on the customer service desk whilst studying at university in Manchester.

I equally became aware of its owner Sir Richard Branson, being given a signed-copy of his autobiography book one Christmas about losing his virginity.

It was whilst at the megastore, I got a stylish new Virgin Mobile telephone as a treat although I was a student and probably couldn’t afford to run it.

During my studies, I travelled to and danced the night away with my friends at Heaven Nightclub (London) owned by Sir Richard.

After university, I worked at Ntl customer services too – dealing with complaints again. Now, Virgin Media.

After my course, I took out a Virgin Money credit card – not that I could afford this either. Obviously, to pay for all the other Virgins!

My first trip to America and New York, was with Virgin Atlantic Airways.

To keep fit, I joined Virgin Active – visiting gyms in both Manchester and London.

My Trips to see Alex in Tokyo, Japan whilst he was teaching there, were also on Virgin Atlantic.

And, over the many years like yesterday evening I took a Virgin Trains journey from Manchester to London like I do London to Liverpool and Manchester and vice-versa.

Well, with the announcement that Virgin has lost its West Coast Trains franchise in the UK, it made me think about my relationship with various Virgins?

I obviously no longer work for Virgin Megastore, in fact I don’t even know if they still exist in Britain anymore?

Without reading it (sorry), I sold Sir Richard’s autobiography on Amazon. No doubt, to a good home!

I could never get a signal on my Virgin Mobile on the One-2-One network, so got rid of this too.

I left Ntl after tipping my toe in the real world of work, which is now Virgin Media.

I no longer have a Virgin Credit Card, as its owner MBNA customer service is not the best – and, I’m being diplomatic!

I haven’t flown on a Virgin since my last trip to South East Asia when after putting me on a Singapore Airlines flight home, it then refused to give me the air miles?

I had to argue for them stating, I booked with Virgin (i.e. it wasn’t my fault) and regardless Singapore Airlines part owns Virgin Atlantic Airways!

And, then there’s Virgin Trains…

Over the years I’ve stopped going to Manchester (to see friends) and Liverpool (to see family), as much as I did.

At one point, I even resorted to driving just to avoid a Virgin train.

They’ve become far too expensive, at times totally unreliable and I have found the staff to not be the best at customer service on most of my journeys and I’ve taken some – Oh, I’m being diplomatic again.

I too am thankful that, I’m not any taller than 6 feet – as, my legs couldn’t take anymore squashing into those seats.

I’ve nothing against Virgin personally (really, and clearly), but in contrast to many others I am not sad it has lost the West Coast Trains franchise (albeit, I hope there are no job losses).

I haven’t much experience of First Group (who are taking over), but if it can cut fairs, improve efficiency and customer service – then, I’m all for it.

Competition can be healthy, if it’s done properly. We can all get complacent.

So, having experienced so many Virgins… I’m one no more!


This has been a…I’ve lost my virginity, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

Published by My Mum. Copyright © Kevin Maxwell Film, Media & Performance 2012.