View from the Top…

Last month, I tried once more time to put my dispute with the Metropolitan Police to bed hence my post… A letter to… the police, about discrimination.

I published a video blog yesterday, about My Fight for Justice against Scotland Yard & News Corp trying to highlight the real impact discrimination has on people.

Today, I tweeted the vlog to Rupert Murdoch. I’m not expecting a reply.

This evening, I attended a Question and Answer event at the Stratford Picturehouse  – the speaker being, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

And yes, in all the three years since I became unwell I managed to look the person in the eye who leads the organisation I have challenged and be able to ask him a direct question about the problems at Scotland Yard with no influence or interruptions from others. One person, to another.

Politely, without malice or anger I asked the Man at the Top this…

Commissioner, it’s taken a lot of courage for me to come here.

You’ve spoken about leadership, accountability and learning when things go wrong.

I’m in a public dispute with you and lawyers aside, why can’t you end it with me?

It’s not in my interest or yours, to carry this on.

Before he had chance to speak, the Chair of the event Dave Hill – the London Reporter for The Guardian – made a point that the Q&A was not about individuals but London.

But, my question was – the event was called ‘Policing in the World’s Greatest City‘.

My point being, how can there be public confidence in the police if when things do go wrong that they are not acknowledged?

The Commissioner then spoke directly to me.

In a nutshell, his response to my question was that given the public place we were in and that it was a personal question ‘about me’ I was asking he couldn’t speak about it. It being public, obviously didn’t matter to me hence my question to him.

I was asking about ending issues sooner rather than later so that parties can move on, nothing more nothing less.

My question was not answered either way.

It became clear to me though that after my question, the Met has no intention of resolving the dispute between us. I realised that any discussion to find a resolution, would I guess mean some form of an admission which is never going to happen.

Sorry, really does seem to be the hardest word.

Walking home, I thought to myself that I have done everything in my power (and I don’t have much) to try to bring to an end this issue were there really are no winners.

It then came to me, I have been fighting for justice for 3 years now. But, people like the inspirational Doreen Lawrence have been doing it for nearly 20 years for her son Stephen. The circumstances are totally different clearly, but justice is justice.

Out of the many newspapers, I would say The Guardian is one I prefer but I was disappointed with Dave Hill’s interruption.

The Commissioner of Police is accountable to the people of London, I am a Londoner. I live and work in this great city.

On a final point, no one should ever try to silence another when he or she has been the subject of an injustice like racism or homophobia that affects the lives of others. Especially when, a question was asked calmly and with measure.

This is a general point, but unless you have experienced for example racism you can’t really feel what it is like. This naturally goes for any sort of discrimination.

The Commissioner did say he sees all his emails, even if he doesn’t reply personally.

I don’t need to forward him this blog, but I will Dave as it’s good to see the view from all sides.

This has been a…view from the top, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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