Lost in Translation…

On Monday gone I telephoned a pharmacy about a prescription I needed, them telling me it would take a couple of days .

I didn’t save the telephone number, so found it again today using my original method – Google.

I spoke with them and asked if my prescription was ready.

I was told ‘what prescription?’.

Erm ‘hello’, the one I requested on Monday. ‘What Monday?’, the Monday just gone!

Can I speak with the manager please, I ask. No, she’s away until next week. But, I really do need that prescription.

Can you just check… Kevin Maxwell.

I’m sorry, this is an Italian restaurant we don’t do prescriptions.

Oh, sorry – bye.

The moral of the story, make sure you know who you’re calling as those minutes of my life I can’t get back now 😮

To be fair, the restaurant number is listed on Google under the pharmacy name – just depends on what you type in the search engine.

Next time, I’ll start with ensuring the place I think I’m calling is one of the same.

This has been a… accents, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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