The True Self Journey…

Earlier, I was in contact with one of my old friends’ from secondary school in Liverpool who now lives in sunny Melbourne, Australia.

A cool place, it is.

Before I tell you of the reason we were chatting today, us writing to each other from the other side of the world reminded me of secondary school.

I was never an academic by anyone’s imagination, but I absolutely loved high school and can admit that I had a good old cry when I left.

It was a place where I got to hang out for the compulsory 5-years with my best friends, eat all day and get to knock-about with the same friends ‘again’ after school.

It was, bliss.

My best mates at secondary school were Craig, Carl, Leigh, John, Chris, Ste, David and James, and it made no difference that they were all white.

I liked the girls too (for the wrong reason now, I know) and could always be found having a good chat with one or two of them, during breaks, lunch and classes!

I never did forget my roots though, two buses actually from where I lived to school.

I was lucky enough that, some of those I had grown-up with from around my area (people, who looked just like me) went to my school. None of my actually primary school friends’ did, but I was blessed nevertheless.

I too was fortunate that, I was never bullied.

I just got on with everyone, I liked the pupils and teachers – it came naturally to me. Although, Mrs Houldsworth of R.E. (Religious Education) would often send me out into the corridor during her lessons to have a word with myself.

I was ‘raised’ a Catholic remember, not born one 😮

My R.E. adventures didn’t cause me too much trouble though, as I managed to be a school prefect for the last 2-years running… guarding the corridors of power, from those youngsters following in mine and my peers footsteps.

As an adult in the 21st Century, I know that not everyone has had the same experiences as I had at secondary and that bullying is a problem. I don’t know if social networking and mobile phones etc have increased this, but I do know that when I was younger it wasn’t as vicious as it is these days.

I didn’t however, see any overt bullying myself at secondary school. Name-calling yes, but that on reflection seemed more in gest than intent. I mean, my mum sent me to school with tank-tops sometimes.

Unfortunately, as an adult I kept up the tradition and my first date with Alex four years ago I could be seen wearing one. Oh the shame, and he hasn’t let me forget it!

Back to my friend Janet then, who now lives in Oz with her beautiful family.

She was telling me about a page she has created on FacebookThe True Self Journey.

It talks about the fact that, all of us are on a journey together whether we know it or not.

We are spiritual beings, having a physical human experience.

Each of us has a spark of the Divine within us, and when we learn how to tune into this… amazing things can happen for us!

It got me thinking that, she is actually right.

If you read my blogs, you will know that I’m not one for nepotism. But, my old friend has achieved what she says she set out to do… inspire, and get people to start exploring YOUR True Self!

If you’ve got the time and/or are on Facebook, have a look at her page.

Janet hopes the page is, a safe place where people can express their views and share their opinions and experiences – and, also hopefully be inspired!

This has been a… find YOUR true self, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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