What a Mayoral On The Buses Carry On!

In London today like the rest of England, Scotland and Wales there are local elections.

I was reading recently that it was Mayor Ken Livingstone, who got rid of the old Routemaster buses and brought in the bendy ones. When he got elected, Mayor Boris Johnson got rid of the bendy-buses and has started to reintroduce a new Routemaster.

I heard Mr Livingstone on TV last week say, if he gets elected Mayor again he will stop the roll-out of the new Routemasters. I’ve not known such an On The Buses Carry On.

It’s worrying that the only thing I’ve picked up from the recent Mayoral campaigns is, whether we are going to have more or less of the old buses we used to have more of!

I doubt there will be any return of the bendy-buses as, my 10-year old niece who was in London Sunday gone with me said that these buses are now in my hometown of Liverpool – oh, you couldn’t make it up.

I still haven’t decided who to vote for… more Routemasters or not? 😮

Uncle Billy (98) who died last month, asked me to check he was all ready to vote – he was. I asked him, who he will be voting for this time. Loudly and proudly he said Labour’, I actually thought he was going to say Conservative.

There has been much debate recently especially in London about the Mayor contest being about the personality, but many like Uncle Billy and even I vote for the party not the person. It makes no sense to me anyway, to vote for a nice guy who may belong to a nice party!

I recently completed an online vote survey at www.votematch.org.uk, and came out closest to Siobhan Benita for #votelondon!

This has been a… food for thought, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Enjoy The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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