Question Time does Regent’s College

Tonight, BBC’s Question Time comes live (well, pre-recorded) from Regent’s College, London.

Regent’s College has a special place in my heart because, it’s the place I’m studying for a Master of (f)Arts Writing for Screen & Stage at it’s London School of Film, Media & Performance.

LSFMP is just one of the seven schools at Regent’s, and is headed by David Hanson – an award-winning BAFTA© person! Will this shameful plug, help my grades – that, is the question? 😮

I do love QT, and have quite a ‘soft spot’ for David Dimbleby. Why he’s not a Lord or a Knight, a Dame only knows. I’m sure though, I heard him say last week on the programme, that he doesn’t want to be a Sir!

I was on Question Time myself (hence, the pic) for the Labour Leadership Special, back in 2010 at one of the British Army’s London HQs and ‘Sir’ David was ‘as’ funny off camera as he is on it.

I don’t watch ‘much’ TV (as you may know?), but I do rather like QT on BBC One on a Thursday. It’s a bit addictive.

This has been a… sort of political, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Enjoy, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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