Stop & Search… Public Opinion?

There is talk especially in London with regards to Stop & Search by the Police being overhauled, one aspect being to improve relations between the Metropolitan Police – Britain’s biggest police force, and black people.

Anything which improves the relationship between the police, and all the communities it serves is a good thing.

However, this is not the ONLY overhaul that’s needed. The opinions of some ‘ordinary’ Brits, needs one too!

The comments below, are just some of the ‘many’ I read this morning on Yahoo! News which ran a piece about the controversial powers.

The eradication of racism and other forms of discrimination in Britain, has a long way to go.

Racism Ruins Lives, and anyone who says it doesn’t exist in 2012 – is definitely not living in the same world as me?

Larry (Reading): Let’s abolish stop and search to appease minorities and they can then stab people to death at will

Peter (Ipswich): This is another licence for blacks to do what they want while the rest of us do as we are told.

The sad thing is that, MANY others ‘liked’ the racist views expressed above and the two highlighted don’t even live in London!

This has been a… further reminder that racism exists, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

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