My new ‘Scouse’ passport!

This morning over breakfast, Alex commented that it doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with and whatever you’re doing in the world (something like that)… everybody loves a Scouser! How true I thought, and what an observant husband.

Even though I left Merseyside when I was 20-years old, Liverpool has not left me (cheesy, I know?). It doesn’t matter what you do with your life, where you go or whom you’re with – if you’re born in Liverpool you’ll always be Scouse – it runs through your veins.

I must say too though that, Manchester is also a great place and I had an amazing 10-years in the City meeting some of my closest friends today. It continues to be significant in my life, especially as it was the place I truly understood my sexuality.

I guess, I’m just a bias Northerner!

So, in respect of my northern heritage and the fact I needed a new passport, I’ve now officially changed my nationality to Scouse for all my international travel. I’m sure it’ll be recognised worldwide?

Oh, maybe this means Alex is Scouse too now…

This has been a… Scouseology, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Later kiddas, Max x.

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