Max’s Get Fit in 90 days diary…

It’s my aim from today to get fit in 90-days (12 weeks) by going to the gym no less than 5 times per week (which means about 60 visits), or an equivalent 1 hour of exercise… running, swimming etc!

It means a lot of pain and will power from me over the next 3 months, with me sadly saying goodbye to Mr Cadbury, Miss Nestle and Mrs McVitie.

It’s not a New Year resolution, as I don’t make them – just another step towards better health, physically and mentally. Why not try it?

The Diary…

Day 1 Week 1Well, I did the hardest bit – joined a gym for ‘exactly 90-days’ (3 months). Spent my first day doing… 100 sit-ups, 10 minutes on a bike, 50 chest press and 10 minutes on the treadmill finishing with a cold shower – 17/1.

Day 2 Week 1A ‘little’ stiff from yesterday, but full steam ahead! 100 sit-ups, 50 dumbbells, followed by 50 barbells and another 50 dumbbells, then a 10 minute run (really 8 minutes), followed by a warm shower – 18/1.

Day 3 Week 1stiff as a board, from the past 2-days! Rather than the gym today, completed a 5K run (well, walk towards the end) around Hyde Park… shattered – 19/1.

Day 4 Week 1Pushing on, although naturally easier to quit! 200 sit-ups, 60 dumbbells (front/above), 30 dumbbells (chest) and a 10 minute run – even on a Saturday – 21/1.

Day 5 Week 1Well, after allowing myself a day to rest and recover I’ve completed my first week of the 90-day challenge. Today, I did 200 sit-ups, 10 minutes on a bike, 30 lat’s, 30 upper back reps and finishing with 3×30 sec power plates. My aim was to use parts of the body I hadn’t, to date – 23/1.

Day 6 Week 2Felt lethargic today, so did a proper warm-up, 200 sit-ups, 10 mins (continuous) on a rowing machine, 60 dumbbells (arms), 45 dumbbells (above head) and 45 chest press’ with dumbbells followed by proper stretching – 24/1.

Day 7 Week 2Didn’t leave myself enough time today for a workout at the gym, because of an engagement afterwards (must plan better) – after a warmup did 200 sit-ups, 30 upper back and 30 chest press followed by a short run and stretching – 25/1.

Day 8 Week 2Completed a 5.73K run (3.5 miles) around Hyde Park in 36 minutes, without stopping – not bad aye – 26/1.

Day 9 Week 2Had two-days rest, and started a new diet yesterday. Weighed myself this morning and established I lost 4-lbs in a day! Today at the gym, warm-up followed by 200 sit-ups, 30 chest press, 30 upper back, 45 dumbbells, 30 barbells, another 30 barbells (arms-length) and finishing with a 10-minute run. Didn’t feel like the gym today, but when I actually got there, felt quite up for it – 29/1.

Day 10 Week 2Well, the end of my first two weeks. Today, I attended an hour’s circuit class at my gym and a tough one it was – including sit-ups, shuttle runs and dumbbells. I used muscles in my body, I didn’t know I had – 30/1.

Day 11 Week 3Still hurting from the ‘intense’ circuit training a couple of days ago. But, plodding on into a new week – today I did 200 sit-ups, 50 chest press, 50 upper back and finished off with a 10-minute run including warming-up and stretching afterwards. Lost another 3lbs yesterday (no gym) with my new diet, that’s 7lbs in 3-days and another 2lbs today, so that’s 9lbs in 4-days – 1/2.

Day 12 Week 3VERY cold outside. Had a busy day, so today’s exercise was a run ‘just’ under 5K. Last night I ate some frozen yogurt, along with some low-fat ‘ordinary’ yogurt and managed to put a pound on – 2/2.

Day 13 Week 3Wasn’t feeling too sparkly today, so took it easy – especially since, having dizzy spells (listen to your body). 300 sit-ups, followed by 120 dumbbells. I followed this with a 1/2 hour walk home, to make up for the gym routine. Strangely, when I weighed myself yesterday I was 1 pound over – today, I was 2lbs off. So, that means I’ve lost 10lbs in 6-days – 3/2.

Day 14 Week 3Disappointed with myself, as spent the weekend in Manchester and didn’t do any exercise for 2-days. As a punishment, today I attended another gruelling hour’s circuit class at my gym and this was tougher still – with sit-ups, shuttle runs and dumbbells. Again, I used muscles in my body I’m now learning I have – 6/2.

Day 15 Week 3Haven’t been able to exercise for the past 2-days, with one thing or another. Had to take Uncle Billy (98) to hospital on Tuesday, and Wednesday had to do some important admin. Today at the gym, did my usual warm-up (important I do this now) followed by 200 sit-ups, 60 dumbbells (arms), 40 dumbbells (above head), 50 dumbbells (chest, laying down) finishing with a 10-minute run on the treadmill and stretching – 9/2.

Day 16 Week 4Following on from Week 3, the past 3-days I’ve been unable to exercise due to looking after Uncle Billy (98) whose not been well – Friday and Saturday, followed with Sunday catching-up on some important work. So, today like last week I attended my Monday ‘intense’ circuit class – which, doesn’t leave many things out… shuttle-runs, dumbbells, skipping, bench-press’, sit-ups etc. Feel better for it, actually. Still battling on, trying to get both better physical and mental health. Managing to keep the weight off too, 12lbs up-to-now – 13/2.

Day 17 Week 4Another ‘lapse’ in keeping-up, mainly due as previous to looking after Uncle Billy and a trip to Manchester – so I won’t be so hard on myself. Attended another gruelling hour’s circuit class at the gym, which wasn’t actually as tough as before – sit-ups, shuttle runs, free-weights, skipping etc. Got changed next to a 70-year old man, who had his nipple pierced… food for thought -20/2.

Day 18 Week 4The last couple of day’s has been hectic, with a little press attention about me. Today, I did 200 sit-ups, 50 chest-press, 50 lats, 50 upper back and finishing with a 10 minute run. Following on from my last visit to the gym, today I couldn’t avoid an elderly man blow-dry his pubic hair – hmm, more food for thought. Oh yes, with my new diet I have now lost 1-stone in 4 weeks – 23/2.

Day 19 Week 4Today, with it being the weekend I went a little easy but still doing it. Completed 200 sit-ups, 50 barbels, followed by 60 dumbbells (arms, sitting down), 20 dumbbells (above head, sitting down) and 20 dumbbells (chest, laying on bench). I walked home, because I had to leave early and couldn’t do a 10 minute run. Before going to the gym, I bought myself a coffee a couple of hours before and was telling the woman behind the counter why I couldn’t eat bread (as on a diet) to which a woman behind me said… “whoever said you need to diet, needs to have their eyes checked” followed by “I’ve worked with models, I should know!” – 25/2.

Day 20 Week 4Today completed 200 sit-ups, a 10 minute bike ride and a 10 minute run followed by a 10 minute swim. I really need to get back on track with my training and diet, to make sure that I don’t start to go backwards or fall at the final hurdle. From my calculations, I’m about a ‘week’ behind schedule – 28/2.

Day 21 Week 5Today, as a change in my routine – I completed over an hour’s stretching exercise which I found of benefit – 29/2.

Day 22 Week 5Today, I was naughty and didn’t complete a ‘full’ workout. However, I had an excuse as it was my 2-year marriage anniversary and couldn’t be late for my date. That said, I did do a 10-minute run followed by 50 chest-press. I had every intention of finishing my hour’s routine, but was mindful of the issue of a divorce if I was late for my date – 1/3.

Day 23 Week 5Attended another gruelling hour’s circuit class at the gym – 5/3.

Day 24 Week 5Today, completed 200 sit-ups, 50 chest press, 50 Lats, followed by a 10-minute run and then finishing off with 50 reps on the upper back machine – 9/3.

Day 25 Week 5Today, started out with 200 dumbbells (arms, above head and chest), followed by 200 sit-ups and only a 5-minute run as my foot started to hurt (listening to my body) – 10/3.

Day 26 Week 6Today, did an hour of stretching followed by an hour’s power walk passing some of London’s famous parks… Kensington, Hyde and Green – 14/3.

Day 27 Week 6 Today, completed a 5k run around Hyde Park. However, I wasn’t as fast as I would have liked to have been and walked a little towards the end – 15/3.

Day 28 Week 6 Attended my regular hour’s circuit class at the gym today, but had to leave 15-minutes early to go to a running club meeting – oh, the irony– 19/3.

Day 29 Week 6 Attended another gruelling hour’s circuit class at the gym – 26/3.

Day 30 Week 6Alex and I arrived on holiday yesterday in Tunisia, North Africa. Today, we went into the City Centre ‘Sousse’ and decided to walk home afterwards. We walked for 2-hours non-stop, not realising we had passed our hotel about 1 1/2 hours before – 29/3.

Day 31 Week 7Today as like a few days ago with Alex, I misjudged a distance in Tunisia. This time, I knew where I was going but thought it was nearer than it was. I ended-up walking for an hour, along a beach which wasn’t easy to walk on – 2/4.

Day 32 Week 7Today’s exercise was a long walk, an hour or so home from a hospital (hospice). Sadly, Uncle Billy (98) was taken in 3-days ago and died today. Alex and I walked home for some fresh air, and it was quite a walk – 9/4.

Day 33 Week 7Today, didn’t do a great run. Completed 3-miles, but did walk towards the end of it as had a stitch. Wasn’t feeling up for it anyway, with Uncle Billy having just died a few days earlier – 12/4.

Day 34 Week 7Today, did a 10k run around Hyde Park and Kensington Park, in torrential rain – I was absolutely soaked, although I enjoyed it funnily enough – 19/4.

Day 35 Week 7Today, completed a 3-mile run with my running club in the rain – but, not as bad as the last time. A bloke (not in the club) ‘hi-fived’ me whilst we where both running along the Thames Embankment, in the opposite direction of course! London, madness – 23/4.

Day 36 Week 8Completed a 7K run (4.3 miles), around Hyde Park and Kensington Park (Palace) in the rain (refreshing) – 26/4.

This has been a… 90 Day Challenge, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x.

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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