GayApple Anyone?

For some strange reason, my blog stats (formerly known as ‘statistics’) this past quarter appear to be on the rise – greatly in fact! It’s either because I connect with people, or folk are seeing what rubbish I’m writing next? I’ll let you be the judge 😮

Anyway, a friend of mine has re-launched his very own gay classifieds website which is similar to Gumtree, but aimed at a more specific market.

If you’ve read my blog(s) in the past, you’ll know I’m not one for nepotism but this site is pretty cool looking and appears easy to use, with maps and clear adverts. I particularly like the multi-coloured apple logo, and would quite like to eat a real one!

GayApple is nationwide and free, allowing people to connect with each other offering house-shares, flatshares, gay services and businesses, social groups, clubs and more. I can see the house-share/flatshare section being popular, especially in London.

I really hope it takes off for my friend. I admire anyone, who takes a risk by staring a new venture especially in these tough economic times. If you’re looking to place a free ad or for accommodation etc, then take a look at

PLEASE NOTE: Some sections of the website contain adult content.

This has been a entrepreneurial, ‘View from the Bottom’.

Take care, Max x

Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!

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