Oh dear… Labour!

I have just read that Labour has accused the Prime Minister David Cameron of sexism, after he told a female shadow cabinet minister to “calm down, dear” in noisy exchanges at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Putting the comment to one side, which naturally is a matter for the female cabinet minister to address and for the PM to reflect on, Labour cannot accuse Mr Cameron of sexism whilst their own leader, Ed Miliband is seen laughing during the exchanges. I suppose Labour can, but it gives no integrity to the party and this is why the public is fed-up with double-standards as it is.

The problem with politics, is that the electorate (like me) cannot tell the difference between red, blue and yellow anymore and watching PM’s Questions reminds me of my days in the school playground. Our MP’s make it easy for us to forget, that we are meant to have the mother of ‘all’ Parliaments!

Good on John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, reminding those we elected that the public expects (and demands) better from them. They make us not want to vote and...

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