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The organisers behind the UK Black Pride festivals, have today announced the date and venue for this year’s event.

The sixth annual UK Black Pride festival will take place on Saturday 20 August 2011, at their new home… Torrington Square, Birkbeck University, London, WC1E 7JL.

I’m supporting this year’s festival not because I’m mixed-race, but because the organisers of the event are doing something positive towards the image of black and Asian people in Britain, despite adversity from other Prides.

I’ve not been to a UK Black Pride event yet, but I do intend to drag Alex along with me this year! For those of you who read my article last year for Pink NewsBlack Pride & Prejudice – I gave my argument for this celebration.

There is a lot of racism within the LGBT community towards LGBT people of colour, and this partly (the exclusion) is why the event is held. It’s a place for people of all colours to come together, without feeling they don’t belong. This surely is a good thing?

I like most no doubt, hope for Prides and other festivals (whether black, white, gay or straight) to be inclusive and not exclusive and to celebrate together, but that’s in an ideal world. As you know, and what I pointed out in my article for Pink News last year, we don’t live in an ideal world.

UK Black Pride is having an official launch party in London on Wednesday 27 April at the weekly club night, Work at Hidden, 100th Tintworth Street. I haven’t been to this either, so I know I’m getting old. You don’t have to put your hand in the fire though, to know that it’s hot! As My Mum said.

In its Press Release, speaking about the festival which celebrates the ‘best’ of African, Asian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern LGBT, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah of UK Black Pride thanked its sponsors and supporters for continuing to… back this vital community-led celebration of the LGBT community’s incredible diversity.

There appears something genuine about UK Black Pride, which partly prompted me to write last year (along with a particular male commentator on the Pink News website)!

Tickets go on sale, Wednesday 27 April and can be bought online and at authorised ticket outlets. Early bird discounted tickets are available too until Sunday 22 May.

For more information about UK Black Pride, visit its website at:

Right, I’m off to sunbathe now! Adios, Max x

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