KM Manifesto for 2015…

My Manifesto is simple & fits nicely on a piece of toilet paper…

1. Integrate NOT Segregate (black & white, gay & straight, religious & atheist)
2. Include NOT Exclude (young & old, rich & poor, employed & unemployed)
3. Stamp-out: racism, homophobia, ageism, sexism, Scouseism, bullying & discrimination towards the disabled & those with mental health illnesses
4. Support the great causes for cancer, children, poverty, domestic violence & the elderly
5. Educate, Educate & Educate (reading & writing is a basic need)!
6. Keep the NHS ‘the’ National Health Service – Simples!
7. Enact the ‘Love Your Mother Act 2015′ (I Love Mums) & rights for dads
8. No Wars, No Cuts & No Lies!
9. Allow people to Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself x
10. Mend ‘Broken’ Britain & put the ‘Great’ back into her…

Team Max.

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Inspired by My Mum x