Act your age NOT your shoe size!

This afternoon, Alex and I were getting dressed (I know, we’re lazy) to go and meet one of our friends Luke for lunch, who was down in London from Manchester. Alex was ‘messing about’ as he sometimes does (whilst getting ready) and being as sensible as I am (?), I told him to ‘act your age not your shoe size!

Alex being Alex (well, who else could he be?) and on form as usual, looked inside his shoe and told me he ‘was’ acting his age! Now, we all know that when people tell us to act our age not our shoe size, we say we are… 10, 11 and sometimes 12, depending on the size of your feet of course!

However, this afternoon, Alex made me laugh and considering we are not having a run of luck of late, with my depression and him being made redundant in the current financial climate (life aye!), he came back to me with a smart response, that even I couldn’t dispute. After telling him to act his age not his shoe size (I was joking of course!) – he told me he was acting his shoe size and showed me the inside of one of his shoes…

I couldn’t have scripted it better myself and I’m meant to be a writer (!)… the shoes Alex was about to put on his feet are indeed a size ‘28 1/2′ (in Mexico anyway), Alex’s actual age. So, there you have it, my joke backfired on me and Alex remained smug for the rest of the afternoon. Next time, I’ll remember to keep my gob shut. There’s always one smart Alec (or Alex). Even as I write this blog, I’m still smiling to myself (hmmm…), whilst wiping the egg off my face!

It might not make you giggle, but I thought it was funny! Maybe I should leave the comedy to others?

This has been an exclusive insight into my mind in… ‘Britain’s Got Humour’. Adios, Max x

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