Why I ‘had’ to go to Specsavers!

Friday night, Alex and I went to see ‘Confessions’, a Japanese drama at the cinema. Although there was a lot of death, it was actually a pretty good film.

Anyway, after our wild night out, when we got home I went straight to bed as I was tired. I woke yesterday morning my eyes bleary, did a bit of cleaning as you do on a Saturday and went to see Uncle Billy, who’s still going strong at 97. It was whilst looking at Uncle Billy that I noticed he had two heads. Then it came to me… had I or hadn’t I taken out my contact lenses the night before? “Go look in the mirror and check stupid”, I hear you say! Well, I did. But my eyes became so red from rubbing that I now couldn’t see.

The only option left for me and an embarrassing one at that was to go and see an optician, conveniently at the local ‘Specsavers’. Having bumped into things on the way there, I arrived at the busy Saturday afternoon store. The female optician was as amused and intrigued as me. I could tell she and her colleagues must have thought I’d been drinking the night before or was just stupid, I prefer the latter! I only went the cinema remember!

After picking herself up off the floor from laughing, my eyes were checked. She put some yellow coloured dye in them and the result… I now had orange coloured eyes, how cool. So, it wasn’t a waste of a day after all – I was now a Thundercat! Oh, and I didn’t have any contacts in either. Maybe it would have been less humiliating if I had. The nice people at Specsavers didn’t even charge me too for being a numpty – silver lining and all that! That’s why I ‘had’ to go to Specsavers, ‘Mad’ Max!


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