About Kevin Maxwell

My Life, My Story

I’m a British writer & advocate of social justice & equality, who is mixed-race; gay, Catholic & Scouse. A master of the arts & fellow, I’m a new style of UK creative talent with an alternative voice. Born in Liverpool, I spent 10 years in Manchester & now live in London having separated from my husband who I married in Toronto. I’m the last child of 11, a great-uncle & at the age of 26 became an adult orphan when my mum died from ovarian cancer. I’m white English & black Caribbean, of Irish & Barbadian descent.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with depression, after experiencing racism & homophobia whilst a Metropolitan Police counter terrorism detective. In 2010 The Sun newspaper paid for my private data & threatened to publish it with an untrue story about me, because I had raised discrimination within Scotland Yard special branch. The leak to News Corp by the Met tried to discredit me & stop my complaints, the tabloid intending to make public my sexuality, illness & terrorism intelligence role. I fully came out of the closet, on my terms.

In 2011 I challenged the police commissioner at an employment court with my law enforcement career ending in 2012 after a decade of public service, having been a Greater Manchester Police criminal investigation detective. In 2013 I further fought for justice after the police appealed the judgment that ruled it had broken the law, a high court judge upholding my complaints. I now champion social justice & equality striving to make a difference for others, through my work as a writer & advocate.

My philosophy is Live Healthy, Laugh Often & Love Yourself!