ONE of Labour’s problems …

Labour PartyAs a British political party, Labour “is” out of touch with many of those it seeks to represent.

Yesterday, I read that Labour had been defeated at the UK Parliament in the Bedroom Tax debate. The Conservatives and “Liberal Democrats” together, chose to keep the controversial tax which restricts the amount of housing benefit that council and housing association tenants can claim.

I looked on Twitter at the bedroom tax hashtag to see who was discussing the matter, and saw that the Labour MP Diane Abbott was one of those. I clicked on her tweet to read her views, and saw that I had been blocked by her. My first thought was, how rude.

Diane Abbott Twitter

My second thought was I don’t even follow her, and she doesn’t follow me. So, I was surprised that she had taken such direct action.

A few tweets later, it transcribed that she blocked those who were “abusive” which led me to be even more confused.

I’m many things, but abusive and especially in such a public forum like Twitter is not one of those.

But then I realised, this is Ms Abbott’s style and that of many of her Labour peers. Another Labourer Will Straw said I was ignorant, and another official opposition frontbencher Jamie Reed unfollowed me.

For the past few years, I have written passionately about politics in my country among many other things, and have been as critical of Labour as any other party. But clearly, Labour hasn’t liked this.

As a mixed-race gay man from a working class background in modern Britain, Labour no doubt believes that my vote is a given. But, it is not. Ms Abbot says that she likes a debate, but didn’t want one with her controversial comment.

It is so easy to put a throwaway comment out there, and then not have the courage to discuss it.

I’ve nothing against her personally, but how she “interacted” yesterday is very typical of her style.

However, she’s not the only one. I have written lately about Will Straw, who hopes to be a Labour MP.

He did they same thing with the ignorant comment, and didn’t want to debate it when I challenged him. And it’s why I as a voter am disillusioned with all the political parties equally, including this one.

If the Labour Leadership wants any chance of winning the next UK General Election, it really has to get its act together. I don’t even know what the party stands for and it’s the end of 2014, half a year away from the election. I mean, at least with UKIP and the likes I know what they stand for.

For some time now, I have grappled with who I will vote for.

But I do know, Labour does not command my vote.

My problem though, I happen to have the most amazing MP who is a member of the Labour party. But, I would like to think that she would be as great regardless of whatever party she represented. That said, Diane Abbott’s attitude yesterday reminds me of all I dislike about Labour and that’s a sad indictment.

Who really speaks for me?

Take care, Max.